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Albania is a Mediterranean country in southeastern Europe.
It is bordered by Montenegro in the north, Kosovo in the north-east both still formally part of Serbia-Montenegro, the Republic of Macedonia in the east, and Greece in the south, has a coast on the Adriatic Sea in the west, and a coast on the Ionian Sea in the southwest.

Quick Facts

Area: 28,748 s

Climate: mild temperate

Terrain: mostly mountains and hills; small plains along coast

Population: 3,563,11

Religion: Muslim 70%, Albanian Orthodox 20%, Roman Catholic 10%

Languages: Albanian (official - derived from Tosk dialect), Greek, Vlach, Romani, Slavic dialects

Community Name

Albanian and Kosovar community (No formal organisation exists in Tasmania).

Size of Community in Tasmania

There are approximately 1 Albanian and 6 Kosovars that reside in Tasmania.

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Donation to the International Wall of Friendship

 Albania plaque

A plaque was presented to the Tasmanian community by the then Albanian and Kosovar community during the war in Kosovo when Tasmania hosted in excess of 450 Kosovars before the majority returned to their home country. At the time there was one Albanian family already residing in Tasmania and as a result they became very involved in the settlement and ongoing needs of the new arrivals from Kosovo


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