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England is the largest and most populous country of the United Kingdom and is situated off the north-western coast of continental Europe.

Quick Facts

Area: 130,395 km²

Climate: The overall climate in England is called temperate maritime. This means that it is mild with temperatures not much lower than 0ºC in winter and not much higher than 32ºC in summer. It also means that

Terrain: Most of England consists of rolling hills, but it is more mountainous in the north with a chain of low mountains, the Pennines, dividing east and west. The dividing line between terrain types is usual

Population: 49,138,831 (2001 est.)

Religion: Largest religions include Church of England, Roman Catholic, Muslim and Methodist.

Languages: English (Official)

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English Community

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 England plaque

The English plaque was donated on 12th of September 1986 on the 183rd anniversary of Bowen's arrival in Tasmania. It was donated by Mrs Margaret Eldridge, a Hobart resident of English origin.The plaque is carved from a red form of limestone, locally known as Petitor marble. The face is polished, the text is engraved and the bed left natural. The stone came from the coastal area of Torbay borrough, Devon, England. The cost was met by the Torbay Borough in recognition of its strong links with Tasmania. Lieutenant John Bowen who established Tasmania's original settlement in Risdon Cove on 12th September 1803 was born in Devon in 1780 where he also died 47 years later.


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