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Isle of Man

The Isle of Man or Mann (Ellan Vannin or Mannin in Manx), is a self-governing democracy located in the Irish Sea at the centre of the British Isles.

Quick Facts

Area: 572 kmĀ²

Climate: temperate; cool summers and mild winters;

Terrain: Hills in the north and south are bisected by a central valley. The extreme north is exceptionally flat, consisting mainly of deposits built up by gradual deposits of material by the sea. It has one mo

Population: 76,315 (2001 est.)

Religion: Christianity

Languages: English and Manx

Community Name

Manx Community

Size of Community in Tasmania

Unknown, generally well integrated with the community

Local Community Contact Details

T&M Crellin


Donation to the International Wall of Friendship

 Isle of Man plaque

The Manx stone donated by the Isle of Man Government through representative of the Manx community Mr Charles Righyni, a resident of Hobart with relatives on the Isle of Man on 24th of October 1995. The stone is made from black marble and came from the Poyylvaaish quarry near Castletown the former capital of the Isle of Man. The stone is really a compact fossiliferous limestone containing fragments of sea shells, sea lilies and corals. The surface is in a fine grind state and the computer design work engraving and gilding are the work of Mr. Malcolm Smith, of Manx Rockcraft and Celtic Engravings. At the centre of the design is the red and white three-legged Manx emblem with the inscription in Manx Gaelic above and in English below. The text is painted white except for the gilded words "Isle of Man"


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