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The Republic of Macedonia is a small land locked state in the south eastern Balkan peninsula of Europe where it borders Bulgaria to the northeast, Serbia to the northwest, Albania to the southwest and Greece to the southeast. The Former Yoguslavian Republic of Macedonia gained independence from Serbia in 1991 after the collapse of the YugoslavianRepublic and has since gained acceptance by UN and EU as The Republic of Macedonia. The former Kingdom of Macedonia was partitioned by Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the Treaty of Bukarest in 1913. The current Republic of Macedonia is only about 35% of the size the country was, prior to the partitioning in 1913.

Quick Facts

Area: 25,333 sq km

Climate: warm, dry summers and autumns; relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall

Terrain: mountainous territory covered with deep basins and valleys; three large lakes, each divided by a frontier line; country bisected by the VardarRiver

Population: 2,055,915 (July 2007 est.)

Religion: Macedonian Orthodox 64.7%, Muslim 33.3%, other Christian 0.37%, other and unspecified 1.63% (2002 census)

Languages: Macedonian 66.5%, Albanian 25.1%, Turkish 3.5%, Roma 1.9%, Serbian 1.2%, other 1.8% (2002 census)

Community Name

The Macedonian Community in Tasmania.

Size of Community in Tasmania


Local Community Contact Details

Lita Grakini


Donation to the International Wall of Friendship

 Macedonia plaque

The Macedonian stone is made from black polished granite, it features the prescribed inscription in the English language in gold leaf in the upper half. The Macedonian flag in the centre and an acknowledgement of the community in the lower part with the Year 2007, in the Macedonian language. The stone was presented to the chairman of the International Wall of Friendship by Lita Grakini in October 2007. The Macedonian community also donated a national flag to the International Wall of Friendship Development Committee.


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